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Friday, December 30, 2011



Hello, everyone. When this English Blog , S.K. SELAMA ENGLISH PANEL could not be recovered I was very upset. Luckily, it is not lost forever. However, without any delaying , I created a new blog, ENGLISH PANEL SK SELAMA PERAK . Do visit our new blog from now as it is more interesting than this one. The link is Teachers and pupils can still browse for English materials through these 2 blogs and others. Pupils of S.K. Selama are encouraged to read notes published in the blogs as more useful notes and materials will be added. It is hoped that in this way, pupils will be able to improve their English standard. All the best in the new year.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

CONGRATULATIONS! To All Excellent Achievers in UPSR 2011

Year 6 pupils posed for a photo with their teachers.

The 4 A 1 B achievers in the UPSR should not be disappointed. Strive on for excellence!

The 16 5 As pupils smiling and proudly showing their UPSR result slips. Congratulations, boys and girls !
Congratulations to all the excellent achievers of the UPSR this year. 16 of the 107 candidates achieved 5As while 13 scored 4As 1 B and another 2 scored 4As 1 C. There was an improvement both in quality and quantity performance. The 80 over percentage passes for English helped to raise the school's overall passes to 74.5 % this year. 24 pupils scored an A for English and I hope they will keep up this excellent result.

I've always reminded my pupils and will keep on doing so to study hard for English and speak it as it is no use scoring an A when one cannot speak correctly and confidently.
To those who did not do that well, it is fine as long as you put in more effort when you are in the secondary school. Lessons get tougher and tougher so remember to strive hard for excellence. Study Mathematics and Science in English as well if you hope to gain entry into universities to study medicine, engineering, law etc. Do not be like those students who speak broken English and if you have an ambition to be a future English teacher as well, good. You must of course read a lot and score excellently well to be good quality English teachers who are able to impart knowledge to your students and teach them good English as well.


English Activity Day

On the 14 November, the English Panel gathered the pupils in the school in two groups; Level 1 and Level 2. The pupils enjoyed singing karaoke songs and reciting jazz chants together and two Level 1 pupils told a short story each. Beginning of Year 2011, pupils have to participate in story-telling competitions more seriously. It is through story-telling activities that pupils are able to gain confidence and improve themselves.

The Level 2 pupils too enjoyed the singing session and watching a few interesting video clips. Pupils must be motivated to learn English and speak the language in school. Sad to say, we don't hear pupils speaking in school nowadays. At home they prefer playing computer games and the bigger ones enjoying going online on Facebook.
It is hoped that pupils from SK Selama will realise that they have to spend more time and effort to improve their English. Speak English every day. As the head of the English Panel, Mdm Oon Lay Wah would like to thank the headmistress, Pn Hjh Ashah Arshad and members of the panel for their support and cooperation and in 2012, we hope to see a more active panel carrying out effective English programmes for the teachers and pupils of this school.

Perak State Level English-In-Camp 2011

The Perak State Level English-In-Camp 2011 was held in Suria Beach Resort , Pangkor Island from 8 till 11 November this year. Organized by the Perak State Education Office it was attended by about 40 participants from the 10 districts. Mdm Oon Lay Wah, who was the head of the team of facilitators had successfully conducted this programme with the help of other facilitators; Mr Lai Teng Yew, Mr Cheong Mun Chung,Pn Hjh Juhara Bee and Mr Brendan Carson.

Two lucky participants from our school; S. Farzana and Nabihah Zulkifli from Yr 5 Gemilang who attended this camp enjoyed every minute of it. English fun activities such as singing, jazz chants, story-telling, N.I.E. activities like making scrap books, acting, language games and choral speaking kept them busy and interested. Besides, they enjoyed strolling along the beach, building sandcastles, feeding the birds and shopping for souvenirs.

We hope to organize an English-In-Camp for Level 1 and 2 pupils separately next year. It is to provide opportunities for pupils to use the language confidently through fun activities. It is hoped that pupils will grab opportunities given to them and participate wholeheartedly in English activities plan for them. They shouldn't shy away when teachers ask them to come forward to make a speech, tell a story, sing or act.

5th CHAMPS National Spelling Competition 2011

Md Khairul Ikhwan did us proud this year by emerging the Larut Matang & Selama District Champion , the Perak State Best Speller and participated in the 5th CHAMPS National Spelling Competition. With much effort and confidence, Ikhwan was proven that he could make it to the top. He got the moral support from his parents who never failed to be with him from the district level to national level. It is hoped that in future pupils in this school will try their best and stand tall on the stage to win any competition. Spelling competitions were held this year in classes but will be carried out in varied forms next year. So, pupils get ready and prepare by seriously learning your spelling.

Spelling can be improved through reading. Hopefully, SK Selama pupils enjoy reading English books and magazines like Knowledge Discovery to improve their knowledge, grammar, vocabulary and grammar. English must be learned and practised with interest, love and lots of effort. Writing good English with no spelling mistakes is quality work.

Friday, August 12, 2011


What can we say when we received news that our English teacher, Mdm Cheang Poh Lin has been promoted to Senior Assistant of Co-Curricular Affairs in S.J.K. ( C ) Chi Sheng 1 , Selama, Perak . Congratulations to Mdm Cheang on her promotion. However, it was heartbreaking news for us all as we had to bade her a sudden farewell and as for the kids they have lost a good English and Mathematics teacher.

Mdm Cheang had been teaching in SK Selama since 1989 or 22 years ago. It is indeed a long time and her excellent service and contributions towards educating the pupils and helping to raise the standard of English and Mathematics deserves credits. The Examination Committee headed by Mdm Cheang as it's secretary had been running examinations in the school systematically and efficiently.

It is a great loss to our school but we have to adapt to this great change. Mdm Cheang will be always remembered by us and we welcome her to our school with open arms as it is good to see her back.

We the Warga SK Selama including the headmistress, senior assistants, teachers and staff, pupils, ex-pupils and parents would like to wish Mdm Cheang good health, happiness, success and prosperity. Thank you and we appreciate all her contributions to SK Selama and its pupils.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

LMS District English Carnival For Primary Schools 2011

The Larut Matang & Selama English Carnival for Primary Schools was held organised by the LMS District Education Office at SK ( P ) Treacher Methodist, SK Klian Pauh and SK King Edward V11 ( 2 ). Each of the 6 zones from Taiping, Kamunting, Trong, Simpang, Selama and Batu Kurau sent participants for each competition. The Level 2 Spelling Competition was held in SK Klian Pauh and SK Selama was given the privilege to organise this event. Both the Level 2 Public Speaking and Story-Telling Competitions were held in SK King Edward V11 (2 ) . The Choral Speaking and Action Song Competitions and the official closing ceremony were held at the main venue, SK (P) Treacher Methodist.

The English Carnival at district level was a great success and it is hoped that the strong message to love and learn English had been sent to all.

30 participants competed in the oral Spelling Competition and five finalists were declared winners. However, it is still unknown the number of participants for the state level competition . Congratulations to SK Selama as its best participant, Mohd Khairul Ikhwan Fadzizul emerged as the best speller or district champ. The panel of judges had a hard time preparing the list of words for the kids.

Congratulations to SK Selama too for being the runner-up in the Choral Speaking Competition . It was like a dream come true these wonderful boys and girls just like their script entitled, " Go After Your Dreams". It was the best achievement so far after many years of participation. Yes, SK Selama may even be the district champ . It's not impossible!

Well, as for the Action Song Competition, SK Selama was announced as the third prize winner to some disappointment. However, it's excellent and entertaining performance of, "Save Our Earth" received praises from the crowd. Well done girls and for sure SK Selama will return next year with much better performance. Credit goes to Pn Siti Khairunnisa who had put in much effort in this production. We do appreciate the cooperation of other teachers as well for without them we wouldn't have done so well especially in the preparation of the costumes.

In the Story-Telling Competition, Selama Zone wasn't that lucky. However, congratulations to Alya Md Zamin from SK Sg Dendang who won the third prize in the Public Story Competition.

Anyway, the participants from SK Selama enjoyed their visit to the Taiping Zoo as usual. If not for the pouring rain, it would have been more fun.

Selama Zone English Carnival 2011

The Selama Zone English Carnival was held on 20 April 2011 in SK Selama. Being the grandest carnival ever organised by the Selama English Panel , it attracted the participation of almost all 20 primary schools here.

The competitions that were organised were Level 2 Story-Telling Competition, Level 2 Public Speaking Competition, Level 2 Spelling Competition and Level 1 Action Song Competition. The SK Selama Choral Speaking team presented , "Go After Your Dreams" and represented Selama Zone at the Larut Matang & Selama District competition.

The whole staff of SK Selama helped the organising committee to run this carnival successfully. Thanks to the SK Selama staff who did much of the preparation. Luckily, the new stage was ready in time for the carnival.

Shortly after registration and breakfast, the competitions started. The Spelling Competition was held in the largest classroom on the top floor of the old building. Thanks to Mdm Cheang Poh Lin and her team who ran the competition well . It was in written form and words were tough as most of them were taken from the Knowledge Discovery Magazine.

At the same time, the Story-Telling Competition was held in the big hall . Participants performed their best in front of the judges. Some were dressed in colourful and appropriate costumes depicting the main character of their stories. The judges chose the best participant who had performed very well in these aspects; pronunciation, grammar, fluency and creativity.

Everyone was impatient for the Action Song teams to perform. There were 5 teams, the best participation at this level . Teams from S.J.K. (T ) Jln Sir Chulan, S.K. (RTBK) Pondok Tanjong, SK Sultan Idris 11, S.K. Sri Selama and S.K. Selama. All the performances were entertaining and though some schools had participated for the first time, it was great effort.

The Public Speaking Competition which was held in the Media Room in the new block drew participation of 9 schools. Thumbs up for all the participants who tried their best to perform. The impromptu session truly tested them on their oratory skills, their knowledge and usage of correct grammar.

Congratulations to all the winners and to those who did not perform that well , it's fine. At least, they have gained new experience and learned from their mistakes. All the best and hope to have a better carnival next year.

Here are the results. The Champ for the Action Song Competition was SK Selama which drew praises and applause for it's wonderful lively performance, creativity and theme , "Save Our Earth". The runner-up was SJK(T) Jln Sir Chulan.

The Public Speaking Competition was won by Nur Aiman Amreel Abdul Rauf from SK Selama. Runner - up, Alya Md Zamin from SK Sg Dendang too had a chance to participate at the district level competition.

In the Story-telling Competition, Nur Faiza from SK Sg Si Puteh emerged as the champ, followed by runner-up, Nur Syazana Sulaiman from SK Sri Selama.

Finally, 5 top winners for the Spelling Competition were chosen. The champ was Md Naufal and runner-up, Khairul Ikhwan Fadzizul from SK Selama. The other 3 participants too participated at the district level competition.

The organisers would like to thank the panel of judges for carrying out their duty well to pick the best participants to represent Selama at the district level carnival.

Thanks to PKG Selama for doing the video taping and I hope that the CD could be produced as fast as possible. It would be great to watch the carnival on video. Thanks to Puan Noraini who did a wonderful slide show which I will hope to publish in this blog.

Thanks and appreciation to all heads of schools, teachers, pupils and parents who had given their support and cooperation to make this Selama English Carnival for Primary Schools a great success.